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Theatrical Sets & Scenery :

We have constructed hundreds of different Sets for customers all over Britain.

We give detailed plans of YOUR stage area, so you know exactly how much space you can use in each scene.

Where we can, we ALWAYS try to assist in the installation and dismantling of the Set, when time allows.




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    In store this weekend come and see our BRAND NEW halloween range including make-up, contact lenses, liquid latex, new costumes, accessories and much much more!

    This years spoooooktacular costumes are ready and waiting for you, so come down this Saturday and see what we have to offer!

    Don't forget our hire Halloween costumes which are £15.00 + £10.00 refundable deposit, but book early to avoid disappointment.

  2. Due to the recent release of Hairspray the musical to amateurs, here at A1STAGE we have designed our new set ready to be built for next year!

    Hairspray Title

    Hairspray - Act 1 Scene 1

    Here is a brief snap shot of our designs!

    To check out the full set plans visit:

    and for further information call us on 0191 410 22 22, or email

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