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We have constructed hundreds of different Sets for customers all over Britain.

We give detailed plans of YOUR stage area, so you know exactly how much space you can use in each scene.

A van load of scenery usually ranges between £850.00 and £1860.00 - - depending on the show.
Where we can, we ALWAYS try to assist in the installation and dismantling of the Set, when time allows.




It looks like Acorn Antiques is going to be a great production for groups to produce over the coming years.
Our local group sold 90% of tickets for this show - usually we are lucky to sell 70% -
But this show is perfect for the majority of theatre audiences.

The “Acorn Antiques” set was made for "our" local group - and has "everything" you need for the show, Set / Scenery / Props andBackdrops.

If you decide to hire our Set, then I will produce drawings for you -
with your stages dimensions - so that you can see how it will "appear" on your stage, and rehearse accordingly.

Inventory List – Acorn Antiques! The Musical

‘Acorn Antiques’ shop flats 9ft High, (4ft wide) 4 x Double Booked (8 in total)
- Stage right exit arch – With 1 Painting and Wall Light
- Stage right wall – With 1 Painting
- Pillar – With 2 small Paintings
- Staircase wall – With 1 Painting
- ‘Bet-a-letter’ wall – With 1 Painting and Wall Clock
- Shop window – With 1 Painting
- Front door flat + Door - 2 Wall Lights
- House Archway – With 3 Paintings (screwed on) +Light Switch
- Flat into house – (Striped Wallpaper) – With Wall Light
- Stage left wall – With 3 Paintings
- Stage left exit – With 1 Painting and Wall Light
Individual Manchesterford Letters to hang in place above the Set
Doors & advertisements (Reversable) for Manchesterford flats
Light-up Staircase with Electrics, and stair lift rail
(Stair lift can be supplied FREE from ACORN STAIRLIFTS)
”House” triangular rostrum & backstage access steps
Red steps leading up into house & 2 banisters

Wall lights – 5 Lots
Spare bulbs
Desk (Main one)
Small Table (to stand “Fish” on)
Brass tea trolley
Metal “antique” Bench
Brass kettle & jug
Jewellery box
Pewter jug & urn
2 x Silver trays
Soft seat – Yellow
Soft Seat – Red/Gold
Lamp with lampshade
‘Lamp’ microphone with lampshade
Wall Clock
Mannequin Torso (Christine’s corsets)
Fish in tank
Dead father’s tea chest
Acorn Antiques front door – with OPEN / CLOSED sign

1 Pram
Wall photos/pictures (Screwed or hung)
Blue rocking chair
3 loose paintings (To hide Stair lift rail)
Small Rug (To hide stair lift rail)
Table Cloth (To hide staircase seat for act 1)
‘Stair lift’ cardboard box
"Drop in" Station clock face
2 Sets of Window/Bet-a-Letter Letters
AMO letter pack with 3 letters inside
Mother’s (lift off) portrait and bet-a-letter (lift off) board
Fake money & leaf blower (Bet-a-letter)
AMO coffee machine
AMO wheel around counter (For Bonnie to sit upon)

Front "Gold TABS" - For the opening "Fosse" number – if required
Front "Brick TABS" - To have drawn in behind the "Shop Flats" – if required
Shop Backdrop seen through shop window

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