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Theatrical Sets & Scenery :

We have constructed hundreds of different Sets for customers all over Britain.

We give detailed plans of YOUR stage area, so you know exactly how much space you can use in each scene.

A van load of scenery usually ranges between £850.00 and £1860.00 - - depending on the show.
Where we can, we ALWAYS try to assist in the installation and dismantling of the Set, when time allows.




Under the high rostrum are flats with doors in so that props and furniture can be stored behind (and under the rostrum), if there isn't a lot space in the wings.
We usually advise Dandy Dans office Set on one upper area - and Fat Sams on the other, although they have also been set up under each side of the rostrum.
Whichever space they take up, the areas can still be used in other scenes for the dancers etc.

Props and furniture include :

TIMES SQUARE backdrop for the rear of the stage,
NEW YORK STREET TABS backdrop to "hide" the Set (for small street scenes),
FAT SAMS SPEAKEASY "drop in" sign,
4 tables+8 chairs for SPEAKEASY bar
Barbers chair (on castors).
Reporters microphone+headphones+recording device
Street Phone on stand (usually situated by pros arch)
2 Candlestick phones
4 Tree Flats for gangsters to walk on with and hide behind
 A "dressing room" mirror frame - which goes onto one of the SPEAKEASY tables.
Wooden park Bench
Photo viewer
"Machine gun" on stand + MAN target.
Book shop counter which turns around for the Bar counter.

Pretend Piano

“Hung Fu Shin Laundry” sign, with "Dock 17" written on the reverse side

UNDER THE LEFT SIDE AND RIGHT SIDE ROSTRUM the props etc can be stored to hide from the audience - until needed.

Flat (under rostrum) with pretend "bookcase door" (and a proper door - for other scenes)
Flat (under other rostrum) with door.


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