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Theatrical Sets & Scenery :

We have constructed hundreds of different Sets for customers all over Britain.

We give detailed plans of YOUR stage area, so you know exactly how much space you can use in each scene.

A van load of scenery usually ranges between £850.00 and £1860.00 - - depending on the show.
Where we can, we ALWAYS try to assist in the installation and dismantling of the Set, when time allows.




Just over 3 weeks to go!

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That's right halloween is officially 22 days away! (Where has this year gone?)

Need a costume? We have a variety of costumes for sale AND to hire.
(Unfortunately the HALLOWEEN sale costumes do not appear online)
So pop in store today to see what we have to offer!

Or do you just need something for your costume?
We have a full range of
- Make Up Kits
- Blood
- Liquid Latex
- White Facepaints
- Accessories
- Wigs
- Masks

And now we stock: CONTACT LENSES!
We have a range of contact lenses in stock from £9.99 - £11.50, but get yours quick because they are in very high demand!

It's going quickly, so make sure you get into store today for all your Halloween needs...before it's too late!!!!

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