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Don't forget here at A1STAGE we also take your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags through our CASH4CLOTHES scheme.

For 40p a kilogram we take clothes, shoes, bags, hats, scarfs, belts, purses, basically anything you can wear or accessorise with!

We don't accept bedding, linen, towels, curtains, rubbish, cd players, teddy bears, videos, toasters......

So please be aware when you are packing up your bags, you'll be surprised what some people try to add to the bags for extra weight.

Once packed up with all the correct items, having popped them into a suitable bin liner or bag, bring them down to A1STAGE and ask one of our assistants to weigh in your bags, then we will have a quick check through each bag to ensure there's nothing in there that shouldn't be, then we'll weigh them up for you and give you 40p a kilogram based on you weightage!

AND you can take the cash with you today!


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