Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions.



All Stage Crew and Cast members should also be made aware of the value of the hired items.

The help given by A1 STAGE LTD during the “Installation” and “dismantling” of the scenery is a FREE service, given to some customers who book up their Set requirements early enough – the Estimated cost of your show does not include a charge for this service. Customers, who do not book up (well) in advance of their production date, and do not get the FREE service, should not expect a reduction in the price of their scenery.

When booking with A1 STAGE, all of our Sets/designs/products are copyrighted….. however, we give full permission for customers and their photographers to use photographs of “our” items for the publicity of themselves, or the photographer, and it is also expected that A1 STAGE may also use those photographs for it's own publicity.

Payments for the hire of scenery are as follows:

All new customers, who have not dealt with A1 STAGE LTD before, must pay fully in advance for any items of scenery – if payment is not received 4 months in advance of the production, we reserve the right to decline the show. (4 months in advance does not however guarantee a booking, and therefore payment should be as early as is possible to ensure a definite booking).

For repeat customers, the following applies:

  1. A booking fee, equal to 1/3 of the total cost, is required to ensure that the scenery is available for your production. If payment is not received 4 months in advance of the production date, we reserve the right to decline the show. (4 months in advance does not however guarantee a booking, and therefore payment should be as early as is possible to ensure a definite booking).

  2. A further 1/3 of the total cost, is then required 2 months before the production is due to start.

  3. The final 1/3 of the total cost is required the week prior to your production.

Additional costs may then be added to the original Total, to cover the following:

  1. If customers do not give reasonable assistance with the unloading and loading of the van. (The Estimated cost for your production is calculated under the assumption that A1 STAGE LTD will be given sufficient help to unload and reload the van, of at least 6 adults).

  2. Extra items, which were required after the original Estimate was given.

  3. Changes to plans and layout drawings.

  4. Breakage or damage to the hired items.

  5. Alterations to the hired items, whether by A1 STAGE LTD or whilst on hire.

  6. Loss of the hired items.

  7. Changes to the “Get-in” and “Get-out” times, after being pre-arranged.

  8. Damages/rips/dirt marks/water marks to Backdrops/Drapes/Curtains/Gauze Cloths – (Which will incur a cost to totally replace the item, not to repair the item).

The following conditions also apply:

  1. A booking will not be confirmed or “pencilled-in” until the booking fee is received.

  2. The initial booking fee is only refundable if A1 STAGE LTD do not have the scenery available for the required dates.

  3. No hired items may be altered or repainted under any circumstances unless a written acknowledgement is received from A1 STAGE LTD.

  4. All hired items are the property of A1 STAGE LTD, and cannot be used for any other purpose, or re-hired.

  5. Receipt of an Estimate/Contract does not imply that the scenery will be available, only after the initial booking fee is received, (by A1 STAGE LTD), can a definite confirmation be given.

  6. Please bear in mind that it is up to you, to ensure that the scenery, and those using, or handling it, are covered with the relevant insurance against damages or accidents.

  7. It is the responsibility of those hiring the items, to ensure that they are used within the health and safety guidelines of the venue, they are used in.

  8. Any “Risk Assessment” deemed necessary, must be carried out by those hiring the items.

  9. All items are hired under the assumption that they are “fit for their intended purpose” – therefore a chair is only for sitting on. If any item is to be used in an unorthodox manner, then this should be made clear, when the item is ordered, so that modifications can be made, to make the item “fit for the intended purpose”.

  10. If the venue specifies that certain “Health and Safety” requirements must be followed, (by A1 STAGE LTD), then we must be made aware of these points, well in advance. If there are any they will be printed out, as part of your contract with the venue. They may stipulate whether Hard Hats and Safety Boots must be worn, for example.

  11. If, for any unforeseen reason, the scenery cannot get to the venue, such as abnormal weather conditions, road closures, accidents etc, A1 STAGE LTD cannot be held responsible or libel for any losses incurred, by the customer.

  12. If A1 STAGE’s driver is not confident with the helpers supplied by the customer, to either unload, or use the hired items responsibly or safely, then we reserve the right to return home with them, without reimbursing the customer in any way.

  13. A1 STAGE will try to ensure that of all their items shown on website photos, or listed in their documentation are all delivered with “the Set”. However, from time to time, substitute items may have to be used and when no substitute is available, a refund will be offered to the customer. Assuming the Set has been booked up in reasonable time; four months prior to delivery.

  14. If the customer (or their venue) cancels their production, for whatever reason, (and after having paid their booking deposit), then they are still libel for the full cost of supplying the items.

  15. If the customer chooses to delay the dates of their production then (assuming the dates are fine with A1 STAGE) we will move the delivery dates with no additional fee to the customer.

All cheques must be made payable to “A1 STAGE”.