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New in store:

An extended range of party banners.
We now have a variety of ages, designs, occassions and sizes, and have increased the range of each type of banner.

As the range of party items is enormous, we are unable to stock everything that is available.
However, if you're booking in advance for a party, and what you're looking for isn't available, we may be able to help you out.

Ask one of our shop assistants today about the range we can provide, and within a few days we will have a 'sample selection' of what you desire.
From this we will discuss with you which you prefer, and go ahead and purchase everything you require for your party!

From banners, to table weights, balloons, door curtains, glitter curtains, plates, table cloths, bunting and much more we are sure to be able to help you make your party perfect!

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